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Shop the Art, Support an Artist!

Shop our artworks, help an artist

It takes years of practice, unwavering focus and commitment of a lifetime to make oneself a successful artist. While most of us would love to be an artist, hardly few of us can become one because it is not easy to be an artist

At Deal-Rush we have been selling art supplies and making people realize their hidden artistic talent for quite a while now but, what always kept us moving forward was our concern towards people who have dedicated their lives to the art. The people who are making the world more beautiful with their cherishable talent one artwork at a time! 

So, finally, we have something on our store to fulfill our passion for helping them who are helping the world to stay beautiful- the artists.

Checkout our Exclusive Artist Paint by Numbers Collection now!

Cheers to the brilliance and the genius that enkindled through the sheer hard work, we are now officially commissioning a significant part of our revenue to the original artists who shared their artworks with us to sell as paint by numbers and allowed art aspirants from around the world to keep their inner artist alive! 

Being an Artist

Our Paint by Numbers- Exclusive Series is a humble effort to help the artist to generate sustainable revenue through their precious artworks. 

Deal-Rush team heartily thanks you for shopping from our exclusive paint by numbers collection. You didn't just purchase a paint by number, you also helped an artist to live a better life!  

We look forward to knowing your feedback about our products and service.

Keep loving, keep in touch!